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    Are there any “preliminary“ electrical measurements that can be made to verify that the 24 Slip Ring wires (on the recommended EagleEI 360 Mobius Gimbal Yaw Motor) have been properly connected before power is applied to either the motor or to the StorM32 NT Controller Board?

    If not, are there any “other type” checks that I could make to assure that the Slip Ring connections are correct before applying power?

    If the proper routing of 24 Slip Ring wires can only be determined by a careful review of the photos appearing on your website, the chances of making wiring mistakes is very high…. It would help very much if you could provide an electrical schematic diagram of these connections to confirm what your photos attempt to do.

    Fred L.


    Hi Fred,
    don´t worry, it is just a 12 wire Slipring! 😉

    I always do soldering the slipring without thinking about the wires, only at the end, before soldering on the Storm32 Controller I use my Multimeter to find out wich cabel goes to IMU, AV-OUT or Motor.

    It´s easy! First do wiring like that:

    RunCam2 Aufbauanleitung

    Here the wires for the Slipring:
    1 Mot1
    2 Mot1
    3 Mot1
    4 Mot2
    5 Mot2
    6 Mot2
    7 SCL
    8 SDA
    9 VCC
    10 GND
    11 AV-Out
    12 AV-Out-GND

    Than just measure on the coming wires out of the Slipring and try to find the Sensor kables you can measure between the Sensor Vcc, GND, SDA, SCL and you schould find the wires on the other side.
    Than the same for AV-Out!
    and than mesure between the rest of wires, you should find an impedance around 15 Ohms betwen 3 wires, this must be MotorA and the others must be Motor B.
    Motor A and Motor B can be Pich or Roll and in case you have not the Pich on MOT1 you can change it in your GUI too!




    Thanks for the thorough response. Maybe my uncertainty is just caused by not fully understanding how the 24 wires coming out of the slip ring relate the 12 wires you describe above.

    I’ll look over your reply and try to better understand what your describing.

    Fred L.

    P.S. For some reason, I am not being notified by email when you respond. I didn’t know you responded until I logged onto your website and saw your reply. The problem could be anywhere so in the interim, I’ll just check back in to your website when awaiting a reply.


    Ok, now I understand what You mean with 24 cable, wach Side 12!

    Ok, with other words.
    Finish all connenction at the Gimbalside, so all solerding as i decript, after that use a multimeter to find The open end of The Slipring at the controllerside and The other end at the IMU or Motors.

    In case for The notification by our Forum, You right, that must ne an bug within our Plugin, some Topics I get notified some not.



    The attached Word document is the best way for me ask some follow-up questions.

    It includes both a photo for reference and a „Slip Ring“ wiring diagram that I think summarizes some of the information you’ve given me.

    Fred L.

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    Hi Fred,
    Good questions and Nice paper.

    Ok, here I will try to answer it.

    1. Your wireing plan is right and the 2 AV cable out of the Slipring Are open end, so the cables You Can use any connector for your System You like.

    2. Yes, The Mot1 and Mot2 are soldered direct to The Slipring wire without connector. I use The cable Coming from The Motors just a Little shorten.

    3. It means that The Slipring wires should be a Little sorted and twisted for easier handling.

    4. Yes Motor2 is Yaw, direct soldered without Slipring.

    5. The Storm32 Board has no AV-Options, AV is separated of The Controller.

    5. All Storm32 boards has The POT Pins for using extern trigger, it is Independent to The Firmware!

    6. I always solder all direct without Connectors, and I also use The solderpads on The Controller for it, also for I2C Pins! But This is not a must have, just my Suggestion.

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