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    Hi Benny and all…

    I have at last started putting my gimbal kit together.
    What a neat little thing this is!
    Even after having put the 3D models together, the stacking of all the parts was a bit of a challenge.

    I’d be very grateful for some advice related to gluing the motors….
    The shells fit very well in the arms, without any need for additional support, I would guess.
    But the aluminium shaft ends are not so tight.
    Can you suggest a suitable means of securing them, so that they could be removed for whatever reason at a later date?
    I was considering silicone…..

    By the way, I used ordinary acrylic white wood glue for the plywood parts. Seems to be fine and it allows a certain degree of flexibility until it has set.

    The next obstacle is the wiring!
    I worry about that…

    Best regards. DP


    I have just re-read the assemble instructions…
    Is the 2K epoxy still the adhesive of choice?

    I worry in case changes have to be made.
    Best DP.


    Hi David,
    I like to use Ponal woodn glue for all woodn parts
    see here:

    For the Motor I like 2K 5min glue!
    Important that the glue is only in the bend, not direct in the bearing!

    cable bending

    cutting the axis

    and here you can see the stacking too

Ansicht von 3 Beiträgen - 1 bis 3 (von insgesamt 3)
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