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    I just saw your post to the rcgroups forum regarding your new Gimbal 360 for the RunCam2 camera.

    Can a Mobius be mounted to this „new“ Gimbal 360?

    If so, how do I order and pay for the gimbal?

    P.S. Does the new Gimbal 360 work with the StorM32 3 axis gimbal controller?


    Hello OhioPilot,
    nice to meet you here!

    The Runcam is a little bit wider and higher than the Mobius, so I created an extra Gimbal for each.
    The Mobius can be used by the RunCam Gimbal but without connection to the AV-Port, cause this two cams have diferent USB AV-Outputs and unfortunately the position of the plugs are different.

    The new RunCam2 Gimbal Prototype is finished and we are waiting for the Laser company that we can start the first batch of collected order, I think we have to wait around two weeks for the go!
    Till now we just have the 360° Gimbal for the Mobius and the Xiaomi finished and we have 1-2 Lasersets here out of the last collective order.
    If you are interested, you can get the LaserFrame for 20€ (around 22USD) + Shipping to USA, around 4€ (5USD)

    Yes we use the storm32 controller.
    All needed parts you can find here:



    Thanks very much for the reply…

    I’d like to purchase a 360 Gimbal for the Mobius.

    Please send me your Paypal information so that I can place an order.


    P.S. Does the 360 Gimbal for the


    allow for the use of an AV output from a Mobius?


    Hi Fred,
    in case for the EagleEi 360° Mobius Frame I will send you a Email….

    You question for the AV-Out!
    Yes, the AV-Out is possible, I will give you a USB-Plug within.
    Here you can see the Live-Out


    I sent you the below email several days ago but have not received a reply.
    If you already sent me a reply could you resend it?


    F. L. <>
    Mar 11 at 11:34 AM


    Message body
    Hi Benny,

    I am unable to find assembly instructions or a parts list on your website for the Mobius 360 Gimbal.

    Can you send me URL links to these two topics?

    Also, what motors do you recommend for each of the three axes?

    Lastly, can you recommend any particular source for the StorM32 controller?



    Hi Fred,
    yes I´ve send you a Email but it ssems you didn`t received it.
    Ok, so I will answer you again.

    First, here are the Topic about the EagleEi Gimbal 360°, all this Gimbals, like Xiaomi, Mobius and the new Runcam are similar same, so we have just one assembly instruction thread.HERE

    Here is the Thread about the wireing

    All needed Parts are HERE

    For the storm32 controller, check out this;

    or easy on ebay: Storm32 controller 3 axis for around 30USD

    Here are some Videos:

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