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Open DIY Projects Stuhlkreis Solar Motor „littleSunEngine“ „littleSunEngine“ – description of operation –

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    Description of operation
    This solar engine consists of an armature with three coils and six photovoltaic cells. The armature package is held floating in a static magnetic field and set in rotary motion by the energy generated through the photovoltaic cells and the resulting magnetic force.
    Viewed in detail, the solar cell that is illuminated by the sun generates electricity that is passed through the attached coil and thereby generates a magnetic field with north/south polarity. The Lorentz force created by the stationary magnet below the armature package interacts with the magnetic force of the coils and puts the armature package into a rotary motion. This causes the first photovoltaic cell to move out of focus and puts the next photovoltaic cell into the focus of the light source. With this change of focus the power of the magnetic field also changes from the first coil to the second, causing a further rotary movement of the armature package. The same principle is repeated with each photovoltaic cell causing a constant rotary movement where the speed can be influenced by the amount of light shining on the photovoltaic cells.
    Any further questions?

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