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    Hello Georg, Benni et al…

    It has been some time since I’ve been on the forum, and I was quite sad to read your piece in reply to Samual in March, Georg.

    As you rightly pointed out, it is now almost impossible to compete with the facilities offered by Dji, in the form of the Spark and Mavic.
    I recently built a hex flamewheel clone, but have had such problems with 3DR and also the Eagle 360 gimbal that I built, that I finally bought a Mavic (at great cost!).

    The thing is so sophisticated and yet easy to fly, that one wonders whether Dji will eventually completely overtake the ‚drone‘ market, as prices hopefully drop.

    I personnally hope not, as projects like the Eagle gimbal, Globeflyer etc. keep the inventive spirit alive, for which the Open DIY platform should be congratulated.

    I sort of feel a bit like a ‚turncoat‘, now that I have submitted to a Dji product, since I have very mixed feelings about the company….
    Suspect customer service, expensive products, and the potential for monopoly.
    However as I have said, really amazing technology.

    Having said that I sincerely hope that none of the foregoing will discourage those with an inventive curious spirit, from continuing to support this forum. It is really fantastic.

    All the best from a very windy Cape Town.

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