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Your piece about the joys of building a flying machine versus buying a Dji Mavic or similar, is really heart felt.

Even though I have been in this hobby for a relatively short time, about four years, the technology has progressed recently at an exponential rate.
We have seen the cost reduce, and the sophistication of these craft increase to the extent that one wishes one had invested in the hobby latterly, rather than before…

However the joy and frustration of having been through the loop of trying to understand the tech, even in a superficial way, makes up for the lag behind the cutting edge, in the form of Dji and others.

It’s impossible to keep up.

In that spirit is has been a real privelege to have been part of it, especially in this forum and that of OlliW and the StorM32 gimbal, irrespective of how little I know about code and electronics in general.

My respect for you guys is immence.
All the best for the future.
Best DP