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Hi Fred,
I will try my very Best to awnser your qiestions again.

1.the many cuts within Part D
it’s easy, You can use different IMU’s because it depend where You buy your Storm so I decided to find a way for some different size of IMUs with just cut the inner lines.

2. Of cause, all EagleEi Gimbals use brushless Motors, The EagleEi 3 Axis is just with The Same Walkera Motors, The 360° Versions is with The RC-Timer Slipringmotor for The Yaw axis.
So your Frame is The Mobius 3axis!

3. Yes, I gave all my experience with our Gimbals to Olli too, cause I like to share our knowledge, his The expert in storm32 and we try to so The Best wooden Gimbals! 🙂
All The Walkera Motors are The Same, just The lenght of The axis, You Can usw it all.

Yes You Can get an automatic email after new Message, You just have to choice „Benachrichtigung“ see the attached Picture.

Best Regards

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